The  founding promoters for the company for the time being are:-

1.      Dr. Prakash Sebastian (

A general and endoscopic surgeon, proficient sonologist and administrator who is willing to devote full time work for the company.

2.      Mr. P.S. George. (

A proficient experienced civil engineer  who is experienced and efficient in the management field is willing to join the venture and spend a good amount of his time for its development.

3.      Dr. Thresiamma Poulose (

A famous gynecologist and obstetrician with vast experience and expertise in the profession, departmental and personal administration as well as general management who will associate on a full time basis.

4.      Mr. Davis Sebastian (

      An engineer by profession with vast experience and expertise working in India and abroad, now engaged in various business activities including import and export is willing to provide substantial time for the company.

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